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Target Elysian 3 Softdart

Product No.:
475,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax

With only 200 steel-tip and 200 soft-tip sets, Target are thrilled to welcome, The Third Edition of Elysian. The name Elysian was derived from ancient Greek mythology, meaning ‘perfect, delightful, glorious’. It’s the dart that defines perfection, intricacy, innovation; challenging the status quo.
Material - 95% heavy tungsten alloy  machined from precision ground billets.

• Performance Coatings
- TiO₂ Blue Titanium Dioxide
- AlTiN Black Titanium Nitride

• Weight - 18g + 0. 02 (barrel only).

• Black Pixel Tip.
Engineered from 100% Titanium, the Elysian 3 shaft offers unrivalled strength to weight performance. Complete with black aluminium replaceable top.
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