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Target Carbon TI Shaft Schäfte Medium

7,90 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt.

Gelungene Kombination von Titan und Carbon
Die Titanschäfte gibt es in 3 Längen,die Ersatztops haben immer die gleiche Länge

Zusammen ergibt die Kombination die gewohnten Längen Short,Intermediate(inbetween) oder Medium
Die Schäfte sind immer inclusive Tops.

Combining the exotic, high performance materials Titanium and Carbon into one unique shaft system.

The Titanium component attaches to your dart barrel and is available in 3 lengths.

The Carbon top is just that, a top which is available in only one length and fits into the Titanium base. The Titanium base is unbreakable and so the only replaceable component is the Carbon top which is far less expensive than replacing an entire Carbon Shaft.
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